Thursday, November 02, 2006

Should Mandriva be the next Ubuntu?

I've been reading this editorial on Linux Tech Daily with great interest, and of course a little pride for the work achieved by the team.

The author explains why he feels our latest Mandriva Linux 2007 marks the comeback of Mandriva as one of the best provider of Linux distribution. Notably, he mentions is nice experience with the Mandriva One edition and the 3D desktop working out of the box.

We have received excellent reviews for the release of Mandriva Linux 2007. It is conforting to see that we have made the right choices, that we have found the good balance between new technologies, ease of use and finish. I like to think that our resident DJ Warly found the right mix' for this edition... Of course, Hélène's Ia Ora" theme also adds a nice "french touch" to this hit! ;)

But what I feel most important and significant is what turned the author's initial, and quite irrational, "displeasure" into a true appreciation of our work. Namely: a good product made by a team dedicated to both customers and free software enthusiasts.

Of course, we have a lot of improvements to provide to our offering, as mentioned in the article, and I think this mostly reflects the priorities we have internaly.
Now, should we become the next Ubuntu!? Whatever that means, I think we should probably not. For there are many differences in the goals as well as the history of the two projects. Yet, I do consider it as a kind compliment, so thanks Eduard!


Ritesh Khadgaray said...

1st: Mandriva carries RSBAC crude instead of selinux which is already a part of upstream kernel.

2nd : A longer release cycle ( good for coporates and bad for geek users )

Just works :-)
Package manager - urpmi ( totally rocks )

sebelk said...

I don't consider the first a con. But I agree with the release cycle should be shorter or at least official relase backports more frecuently

Rich said...

Hi David,

I wrote the article. Thank you for commenting on it. I am glad to see 2007 having deserved success.

All I meant by Mandriva becoming the next Ubuntu was in fanboy support. In every comment section or forum you have the big Ubunutu fans raving about Ubuntu. I'd like to see that level of excitement about Mandriva, and I believe it is starting to happen. Keep up the great work. I don't want Mandriva to be anything other than Mandriva.